Dr. Doug Belshaw - Improving students' experiences of learning through alternative, digital accreditation

Learning happens everywhere - from traditional classrooms, to immersive interactive environments, to getting your hands dirty outside. However, until recently it's been difficult to get recognition for anything other than the result of a formal test in an educational institution. Recent developments, especially around Open Badges, have begun to solve this problem by allowing anyone to be recognised for any type of learning, regardless of where or how it happens.

In this session we'll briefly explore where badges have come from, what's possible right now, and where things are heading. We'll cover the importance of basing alternative accreditation on evidence, go through some examples of good practice, and even touch on ways in with badges can be used with technologies such as blockchain. You'll leave the session with your appetite whetted, and with plenty of links to find out more!

Dr. Doug Belshaw is a consultant and co-founder of We Are Open Co-op. He helps people and organisations become more productive in their use of technology. Formerly Web Literacy Lead at the Mozilla Foundation, best known for the Firefox web browser, Doug has experience in Higher Education with Jisc, as well as in English schools as a teacher and senior leader.