Gwyn Ap Harri - Building a School, Curriculum and Culture

"XP is not a school. It is a community” - HMI Inspector

Imagine being able to build the school of your dreams. What does the school look and feel like? How do you deliver the curriculum? What is the culture of the place? How do you share the story?

It’s not just a case of having high expectations and then everything falling into place. You have to build the right culture within your staff, students and parents, and you have to look after this constantly as this is what enables you to achieve something bigger than the sum of its parts. How XP are doing that and how they have built logistical process around that is what is making XP extraordinary.

Gwyn ap Harri, CEO of XP School Trust takes us through his journey of building a school from scratch, what made him do it, what important things he has learnt and his plans for the future. XP is a mainstream 11 to 19 secondary school in Doncaster, UK and has drawn on the hugely successful practices of High Tech High and Expeditionary Learning schools in the US.