ALiS Online PRO

On 1st May 2017, we'll be launching our highly anticipated ALiS PRO account and putting the power and convenience of the ALiS platform in your hands. Using our mobile-friendly web portal, you'll be able to schedule your own teaching sessions, notify your attendees, share your content and collaborate with your learners in ways that you've never been able to before.

Unlike other educational software, every tool in our platform is designed to work intuitively, based on real-world practices and processes, which means you can do ALL OF THIS with no manuals, no training and no fuss:

Pre-Order your PRO account today and get 12 months Half Price!

(That's all the power and convenience of ALiS for just £9.50 per month* for a whole year)

Register now and in May we'll send you an ALiS PRO-mo Code that you can use to activate your PRO account and claim your discount:

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*Prices stated include Education sector discount.