Immersive Online Tutoring

ALiS Online is a full-featured yet easy way to teach groups, encourage participation, and have constructive discussions in an online environment.

ALiS Online is a free teaching and learning tool designed to help online tutors and students get the most out of their lessons.


Learning online can be difficult, but ALiS Online makes it easier. Unlike video calling tools like Skype or Google Hangouts, ALiS Online is purpose-built for learning and engagement, and will offer your students a much better experience than simply using a video call.

The platform is also great for those with poor connectivity as we’ve designed it to require the lowest bandwidth and power possible -  for that reason, it’s much more user-friendly than video.


ALiS Online is ideal for online tutors looking to increase engagement, attract more students, maximise value, and provide a better learning experience.

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For Tutors

Free to use for groups of up to 10, ALiS Online allows tutors to present sessions using Powerpoint slides, before letting students breakout into chats in pairs or groups. It’s the closest you can come to in-person learning without actually being in the same room.


For Students

Our free app helps you to learn faster by placing you in an engaging, interactive, and fun environment that replicates face-to-face learning, with polls, Q&A segments, and breakout conversations helping you to get the most out of your lessons.

We designed ALiS Online to replicate face-to-face learning, using many of the same processes that take place in a real-world classroom, so tutors and students alike can focus on the true purpose of the session: learning.

What do our users think?

I’d initially been quite cautious about virtual spaces, however this was totally different. The software is very intuitive and takes you directly to the lesson, with the added option of using a breakout space for conversation. It’s a great way to help students build confidence.
— Sue Beckingham,
ALiS Online, in comparison to video-conferencing tools, provides a more intuitive student and lecturer experience by emulating the natural lecturing process...
— Dr Sarah Montano, UG Programme Director, Birmingham Business School
The environment is a comfortable setting to learn in and makes the learning experience more fun - it seems like a real lesson instead of a virtual one! Having conversations with students and teachers in different countries also enhances the learning experience.
— Neeta, Learner

Simple pricing

ALiS Online is free to use, enabling you to offer a professional service to your students without a huge amount of expenditure. If you want to scale up or teach bigger groups, we offer an affordable monthly subscription option:

The BASIC Plan The PRO Plan
Up to 10 students Up to 50 students
5 slide decks Unlimited slide decks
Free! £9.99 / $14.99 per month
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Getting started with ALiS Online is as easy as ABC...

A. Download the desktop app and create a free account
B. Start a session, with your own slides
C. Invite your students by sharing your 6-digit session ID

It’s as simple as that! Your students don’t need to pay anything or even register an account.