Q: When I try to log in I keep getting an "Oh no! Something went wrong..." connection error message.

A: This error is nearly always caused by institutional firewalls blocking one of our servers. See our dedicated Tech Support page for help with resolving this kind of issue.

Q: There's an update but it won't apply

A: Sometimes our update patching system requires administrator privileges in order to modify files, try running ALiS as administrator

Q: I can't log in.

A: Check you entered the correct login details. If you still can't log in, then reset your password and try again.

Q: ALiS is jerky or laggy (low frame-rate)

A: Go to the Advanced menu and select 'full screen' and save the settings, if you're a Retina Display Mac user you can control-click on ALiS and set it to run in 'Low Resolution' mode.

Q: ALiS is still jerky or laggy

A: Go to the Advanced menu and set the Quality to Low

Q: Something went wrong and I simply don't know what it is.

A: Open ALiS and hold the F1 key down when you see the ALiS Online logo. This should reset your settings.

If all else fails, please contact us by completing the form on our contact page with details of your issue and we'll do everything we can to help.