Driven by a shared desire to innovate and truly bring people together, wherever they are in the world, the Mirrador team have channelled their breadth of professional experience and expertise into creating ALiS Online - the compelling and carbon-friendly alternative to face-to-face communication and collaboration.

ALiS enables all users to feel genuinely connected in online meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. It is perfect for improving access to people/teams and increasing engagement with content and services. ALiS sessions and events encourage networking, collaboration and knowledge transfer in a way that no other online platform can.

Remote learners interacting and conversing live in an ALiS Gallery

Remote learners interacting and conversing live in an ALiS Gallery

Long-term we aim to improve access to and engagement with academic/expert knowledge and reduce the need for physical attendance at social/learning events of all sizes meaning less air travel, fewer car journeys and less energy required for heating & lighting venues.

We believe that ALiS Online represents a unique opportunity to achieve positive educational and environmental change on a  global scale, by offering our users all the benefits of online communication, without sacrificing the ‘real-life’ experience of face-to-face encounters with other people.

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