3 Tutor Accounts & Support for 3 months

For only £999

Package includes:

  • 3x Tutor accounts
  • Live Tutor support*
  • Learning Design consultancy**
  • Half-day Tutor training
  • A Video case study
  • ALiS User Group membership + access to product roadmap

As always with ALiS Online any Tutor can:

  • Invite Unlimited Students/Guests
    • We'll enable your institution to hold as many Student/Guest accounts as you require!
  • Connect with users in the high capacity environments
    • The Lecture Theatre, Gallery and Event Spaces seat 100 users simultaneously
    • The Meeting Room features 15 audio streams, 1 per user!
  • Schedule Unlimited Sessions
    • <something about concurrent sessions here>

Name *

*Let us know in advance and we'll be on hand to help you run your session

**We'll offer our advance on integrating ALiS sessions into your existing delivery