All About ALiS Online

What is ALiS Online?

ALiS Online is a blended learning environment that combines both online and traditional teaching methods. You can login and participate in lectures like you were physically there… although you’re not, you're actually at home, in your PJs, in bed (how cool is that?)

What Can I Use ALiS Online for?

 An example lecture theatre in ALiS Online


The lectures in ALiS are the same as you’d expect in real life; one person speaks, everyone listens. Students’ can even ask questions and lecturers’ can use the extra features to hold opinion polls and bring students’ onto stage to speak (lucky them)!


a meeting room in ALiS Online


ALiS Online has a variety of meeting rooms that can be used for tutorials or one-to-one meetings. With audio quality better and more secure than the leading web conferencing tools there’s no excuse not to participate.


a gallery in alis online


The galleries in ALiS Online are a great place to meet after the lectures over to socialise with your peers and discuss interesting points (or last night’s Bake Off). You can hold guided tours as the slides from the lecture are placed around the room like an Art Gallery.

event space alis u alis online


The event space in ALiS Online is a unique feature and we’re very proud of it. Customised to your institution or using our very own ALiS U campus you can hold Open Days, Career Fairs or even meet your friends to discuss how beautiful virtual trees are…. See don’t they look pretty?

What can ALiS Online do for you?

If you like what you see and want to learn more please get in touch and one of our friendly directors will get back to you and treat you to a demo.