Our Grassroots are Green: Mirrador Climate KIC Stage 2 Success

 An example of our ALiS Online lecture theatre

An example of our ALiS Online lecture theatre

This summer Mirrador successfully pitched for a place on the Climate KIC cleantech accelerator programme, the only EU business acceleration programme focused on cleantech commercialisation.

Our directors come from modest backgrounds and ours is the definition of a Grassroots company. Our experience is in supporting and helping others to educate using innovative learning design and technology. Concern and appreciation for our environment tends to go hand in hand with education, so it’s always been in our minds even if we weren’t attempting to address climate issues head on.

Mirrador is now making a positive change. We have a system that can help reduce carbon emissions, yes, this is an inherent by-product of any system that encourages online communications, however the amount of positive change we achieve is directly related to the effort, will and motivation… and we’re definitely motivated!

We’re keeping our plans simple too, so that it never feels like a burden. We’re starting out by:

1 - Choosing suppliers with Green commitments. Since July 1, 2012, Microsoft’s global operations have been carbon neutral, that’s why we’ll continue to use the awesome power of Azure and why we’re continuing to move services onto the platform.

2 - Building climate goals into our business plans. We're setting yearly carbon targets with a view to reduce emissions by 1bn petrol miles by 2022? Without goals we wouldn’t be able to measure and validate our claims, so these are very important to us.

3 - Exploring ways to encourage our customers. We’ll come back to this one soon in another post, it’s exciting and we’ll be ready to talk about it shortly.

 Our virtual iCentrum looks just like the original building

Our virtual iCentrum looks just like the original building

So back to Climate KIC stage 2. We’re ecstatic to have made it to this round. The support of the staff, guidance of the EIRs and wide range of activities have been invaluable. We’re now able to access greater resources and network with like-minded start-ups. We’ve even modelled the iCentrum building and we’ll be hosting virtual Climate KIC meetings and events here.

Most importantly we’ll be making sure ALiS Online is the cleantech solution to watch throughout 2017 and beyond.


Andy Madin

CEO - Mirrador Ltd