ALiS Online is the future of teaching!
— Maimoona, Year 3 Medical Student
ALiS Online, in comparison to video-conferencing tools, provides a more intuitive student and lecturer experience by emulating the natural lecturing process, thereby enhancing the learning experience.
— Dr. Sarah Montano, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Birmingham Business School
People who recognise education as a dynamic and progressive activity are always pushing the limits of what is possible for teachers and learners. Virtual reality remains all too intangible for many but ALiS brings that vision nearer with the availability of near-photorealistic three-dimensional, multi-sensory environments and real-time immersive interaction. We are excited to be working with the Mirrador team to make authentic virtual spaces for students at Sheffield Hallam University and for children and teachers at XP School.
— Dr. Richard Pountney, Principal Lecturer in Education, Sheffield Hallam University
I really like the chat bubbles concept and the environment is a comfortable setting to learn in. ALIS makes the learning experience at University more fun, especially with the lectures concept - I found the presentation and the laser pointer aspect was very useful; almost makes it seem like a real lecture instead of a virtual one! It is very convenient to attend classes virtually if you are not able to attend them in person, which is very valuable for learning. Having conversations with students and teachers in different countries also enhances the learning experience.
— Neeta , Year 2 Economics
Learning from different cultural perspectives can be very eye-opening.
— Callum - Year 2, International Business
In a recent multi-institutional bid for EU funding we proposed the use of the ALiS virtual technology as both a cost-effective way of bringing stakeholders from across the globe together to exchange and share knowledge on the complex topic of inter-organisational resilience evaluation and indication, and also as the basis upon which to develop a virtual decision support tool.
— Dr Layla Branicki, Lecturer in Strategy & International Business, Macquarie University, Sydney