Our mission is to disrupt the EdTech sector by providing immersive and interactive environments that enable teachers to engage students on a global scale.

We have a global perspective, and believe that the ideal learning environments should encourage the exchange of knowledge, culture and ideas, regardless of geography. Our flagship service, ALiS Online™, exists to help anyone who wants to come together to learn, teach, discuss, or share regardless of where they are in the world. Our mission is to provide a real-time, real-world experience that’s rooted in engagement, participation and discussion - a place that’s open to all for meeting, learning and sharing.

We’ve built ALiS Online™ based on our own experience of working in Education, and have designed the platform to solve problems we know exist. We want people to see that we’re genuinely trying to make a difference and ensure that people have the opportunity to learn regardless of their location. We’d like users of ALiS Online™ to really enjoy the experience, not just because of the lecture they’re participating in or the event they’re attending, but because the platform itself is a pleasure to use.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team come from Ed Tech backgrounds, with a focus on distance learning, multimedia, instructional design, innovation and change. This has given us the tools we need to identify problems with online learning, with ALiS Online™ as our solution. The environment came from a place of experience, rather than as a money-making activity, and we're motivated by a genuine desire to improve learning on a global scale.