I never expected to feel so connected to my teachers & classmates...

By providing your distance learners with an immersive virtual home where they can attend classes, collaborate and share ideas together in real-time, you'll be grabbing their attention and holding it for longer.

ALiS Online is designed to emulate natural teaching methods and social interaction, so all of your distance students get an interactive, 'near-real-life' learning experience, with lots of opportunities to build professional and social networks, just like your campus-based students.


Having a real conversation with someone made all the difference...

Support staff are a hard-working and caring group of people, who are always ready to go the extra mile for their students. In the modern world though, it's not always possible to see every one of those students face-to-face, so when you can't, why not offer them the next best thing?

Maintain a consistently high level of service, and maximise the impact of your highly skilled staff by giving them a focused, intuitive and confidential virtual space that they can use to talk to, and really listen to every single one of your students, wherever they are in the world.


I got all the answers I needed, from a thousand miles away...

Open Days, Visit Days and Fairs are a great way for people to get a taste of University life and ask all those burning questions, but for many people, attending an event that's hundreds of miles away, or in a completely different country, simply isn't an option.

Extend your identity and reach by using ALiS Online to host real-time, immersive virtual events that are accessible from anywhere in the world. Fill your bespoke virtual space with teachers, support staff, student ambassadors and alumni, all ready to have live conversations, answer questions and share the best of what your institution / organisation has to offer.